MSG Entertainment


  • Sectors Information Technology

Company Description

MSG Entertainment, a division of The Madison Square Garden Company (now known as Madison Square Garden Entertainment Corp.), offers a wide range of career opportunities in the entertainment industry. here are some of the careers you could find at MSG Entertainment:

  1. Event Management: This includes roles related to planning, organizing, and executing events at MSG venues. Positions may include event managers, event coordinators, and production assistants.
  2. Marketing and Public Relations: Careers in marketing and PR involve promoting events, managing media relations, and developing marketing campaigns to drive ticket sales and enhance the brand’s image.
  3. Ticket Sales and Services: This department deals with selling event tickets, managing box office operations, and providing customer service to patrons. Jobs may include ticket sales representatives, customer service associates, and box office managers.
  4. Production and Operations: Positions in this category involve overseeing the technical aspects of events, including stage management, lighting, sound, and logistics. You might find roles such as production coordinators, stagehands, and technical directors.
  5. Hospitality and Guest Services: This department focuses on providing a positive experience for event attendees. Job opportunities include ushers, guest services representatives, and catering staff.
  6. Corporate and Administrative: Corporate roles encompass various functions like finance, human resources, legal, and executive management. Positions range from finance analysts to HR managers and legal counsel.
  7. Technology and IT: MSG Entertainment relies on technology for various aspects of its operations, so there are opportunities for IT professionals, from network administrators to software developers.
  8. Finance and Accounting: This department handles financial matters, including budgeting, accounting, and financial analysis. Careers may include financial analysts, accountants, and controllers.
  9. Sales and Sponsorship: This area involves selling sponsorship opportunities and partnerships with MSG Entertainment. You can find positions like sponsorship sales executives and account managers.
  10. Customer Support: This department focuses on supporting customers who have inquiries, issues, or requests related to ticketing and events. Jobs might include customer support representatives and hotline operators.
  11. Hospitality and Culinary Services: MSG venues often feature restaurants, bars, and catering services. Careers in this sector include chefs, servers, and food service managers.
  12. Retail and Merchandise: Working in this area, you may find positions in retail management, merchandise sales, and inventory management.